Making Learning To Swim
Fast, Fun, and Easy

Where Learning to Swim is Fast, Fun and Easy.

At Canada Swim School, we are committed to helping your child quickly become a confident and capable swimmer. We are proud to offer personalized private lessons available across the GTA, so it’s never been easier for your child to learn to swim.

Canada Swim School’s unique skill-based system will evaluate your child’s skills to identify their strengths and weaknesses. These benchmarks will help us develop a customized lesson plan that will help your child advance their skills quicker.


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While kids in pools typically find ways to entertain themselves, these fun swimming pool games will make sure everyone in the group is having fun all at once and nobody is being left out. These are great for birthday parties and summer get-togethers. Safety first! Games are fun but always remember to pay attention that […]
Some parents find that their child isn’t getting the right amount of attention during group swim lessons. This feeling is not uncommon, especially if you can see they are having difficulty developing certain skills. These issues are discouraging for parents and children alike. Private swim lessons can solve those problems, and CSS specializes in private […]
Whether you want your child to be a competitive swimmer or not, it’s important to know what the learning curve should be for kids who are enrolled in a swimming lessons program. Little is done to educate parents and swimmers on the expectations for a swimmers age and skill level. This article will help identify […]
Swimmer’s ear is a big problem for people who swim frequently, especially children. When water gets trapped in the ear canal after swimming, it becomes the perfect spot for bacteria and germs to cultivate. If left unchecked it can eventually develop into an outer ear infection that requires medical attention. It’s a fairly common problem, […]