Making Learning To Swim
Fast, Fun, and Easy

Where Learning to Swim is Fast, Fun and Easy.

At Canada Swim School, we are committed to helping your child quickly become a confident and capable swimmer. We are proud to offer personalized private lessons available across the GTA, so it’s never been easier for your child to learn to swim.

Canada Swim School’s unique skill-based system will evaluate your child’s skills to identify their strengths and weaknesses. These benchmarks will help us develop a customized lesson plan that will help your child advance their skills quicker.


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I know, I know. It’s winter in Canada and it’s time to take part in all our national sports, like;   Hockey Skiing Snowboarding Cross country skiing Curling Skating …and every other kind of outdoor activity to help us get through the cold months of the year!   For many Canadians, swimming is a summer […]
LETS TALK POOL SAFETY Protect your family permanently   As Canadians, we look forward to summer all winter long!  Summer is everyone’s favorite time of year and there is no better place to be in the summer than by the beach, the lake, the pool, or the water slides.  With good weather comes tons of […]
Few things are as thrilling as playing sports, swimming, and being active. In sports, just like in life, adversity will challenge us at every opportunity. In this article I will attempt to illustrate how adversity can always be turned into an opportunity, by referencing a life-changing personal experience, an by demonstrating how these lessons can […]
The other day my 4 year old son came to me and said “Daddy, I want to run as fast as the Flash.“ I knew that if he was going to be fast as the Flash he would have to practice running a lot every day. His answer was “ok, lets do it! We quickly […]