Private Swimming Lessons For All Ages And Levels

Canada Swim School’s unique one-on-one private swimming lessons are aimed at children aged 12 months and up. With the goal of helping children develop and perfect their swimming skills, our fun and easy lessons are created to be as beneficial to infants and toddlers as they are to older children.

Our private one-on-one classes allow our teachers to customize each class to work with all types of swimmers. Our personalized approach allows us to teach even the most fearful or resistant swimmers to love to swim.

The main goal of our Swim For Life philosophy is to encourage children to love swimming — and keep swimming. For that reason, Canada Swim School’s lessons are flexible and personalized (rather than following a regimented curriculum) with the aim of teaching your child to swim confidently on their own before perfecting their technique. As they progress, their lessons will be modified and advanced, eventually teaching them to swim at a competitive level so they can join a swim team and Swim For Life.

Parent & Tot
(3-24 Months)

Our Parents & Tots swimming lessons are a fun introduction to swimming for babies as young as 3 months to as old as 24 months. The goal of these lessons is to provide a fun introduction to swimming while learning basic swimming skills. In these group lessons, parents participate with their children, helping promote water safety, independence around the pool, and basic swimming skills. Find a Canada Swim School in your community and make learning to swim fun, fast and easy for your baby.

(12-24 Months)

These 30-minute one-on-one swimming lessons focus on establishing a strong foundation for pool safety and future swimming. Your child will learn lifesaving skills such as achieving safe entries, holding their breath, floating and gliding. These skills will play a critical role as your child learns to swim on their own at the youngest possible age, while learning to develop a love for swimming.

Kids & Teens
(24+ Months)

These 30-minute one-on-one swimming lessons are tailored to your child’s specific needs to ensure the fastest progress in a fun and encouraging environment. Canada Swim School’s skill-based learning system is designed to identify and accelerate strengths while addressing weaknesses.

Kids and teens will learn to swim on their own as fast as possible, to quickly progress into a curriculum tailored to competitive swimming.


Whether you are a beginner looking to conquer your fear and become a confident capable swimmer, or you are a more advanced swimmer working to refine your technique, we can help. Our experienced instructors are receptive and attuned to your needs and goals. Tell us exactly what you hope to achieve from your swimming lessons, and we will customize a program just for you.

Swimming Lessons

If you have your own swimming pool or access to a condo or indoor pool, our certified Canada Swim School instructors will come to you. That`s right! Our swim instructors will teach you in the comfort of your own pool with the same flexible scheduling and great results. These lessons are only available during our Summer Session.