The CSS Philosophy of Learning.

Introducing your child to water properly at a young age is the best way of ensuring that they quickly confident, capable swimmers. Avoiding water can cause your child’s swimming skills to regress and cause them to remain uncomfortable in or around water.

One-on-one Private Swimming Lessons

Our certified instructors will work with your child to quickly teach essential lifesaving swimming skills through private one-on-one lessons, helping them feel comfortable in water by creating a positive learning environment.

Our Unique Way of Teaching Children to Swim

Canada Swim School’s unique skill-based system and quality training methods ensure your child will advance as fast as possible. As your child progresses, their strengths and weaknesses will be continually evaluated to help modify their lessons and support them to become a confident and capable swimmers quickly.

Our easy-to-follow system classifies swimmers as beginner: learning to swim, intermediate: an introduction to swimming techniques and advanced: perfecting proper swim techniques.

At the end of each session, your child’s report card will be updated to provide an overview of their progress and completed skills, as well as skills to come.

At Canada Swim School, we reinforce the right technique at the right time to help your child reach each milestone of success quickly. We make the swimming lesson experience easy and fun for you and your family.